Remotec has been active in the world of industrial signage and road marking for over 30 years and still lives by its core values: clear communication, transparency and consultation. We’re experts in safety signage, beaconing, collision protection and in- and outdoor lineation (both with a smooth or non-slipping finish and digital projections). Our technical advisors visit your company on site and pursue a solution made to measure your needs.

Safety and efficiency, the two main benefits of our signage, are of utmost importance for a fluent operation of your company. By analyzing both your daily activities and the ins and outs of customers, transporters, suppliers and pedestrians, we’ll be able to present a neat in- and outdoors link load plan with solutions for your needs only. We’ll integrate our signpost totems, safety signs, traffic signs, security mirrors, collision protection, barriers … On your surface, lineation will create extra clarity. Shadow signs, planning signage, central information points and a variety of pictograms contribute to the 5S way of work.

Is your working environment constantly wet, humid or frozen and your wish is to improve safety? Our non-slipping and/or uv-lineation are the answers to your prayers! Thanks to the rough finish, our non-slipping lineation offers you a piece of grip in a slippery state of affairs. With uv-lineation, which can be applied in temperatures till -28°C and are odor-free, your marking is dry and resistant in no time. GOBO projection or laserline offer you a way out in case your surface is impassable or if you simply prefer the digital option. With GOBO projections, you’re able to project your logo, messages, pictograms or signage on a surface of your choice. Describe your idea or project and we’d be delighted to join you in finding the best fitting solution.



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