FireTemp – Provisional Fire Detection during construction phase


Fires on sites under construction or renovation, even if they cause no casualties, are a major challenge for site operators or project owners.
To date, the construction phases are not subject to any particular regulations or technical specifications. However, the tight and sustained deadlines imposed by the companies involved often have the effect of overriding or overriding the basic safety rules, thus generating accidents that could have been avoided.
The DEF Network has developed a specific solution to secure sites during this phase of major risk: FireTemp. This innovative offer includes a set of products and services in the form of a monthly contract that is adapted to the site environment:
– A robust, wireless, mobile and connected system.
– A system that adapts to the progress of the construction site phases.
– A system made available over a defined period of work.
– A system that covers areas under construction and/or premises at particular risk.
– A system that evolves over the months of work, from the beginning to the periods preceding the opening of the site.

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